Simple modern neo-classical interior design, perfectly presenting the crystal lamp in the living room!

Simple modern neo-classical interior design, perfectly presenting the crystal lamp in the living room!

Simple, modern, and pure white are the core styles of neo-classical interior design. Hidden storage cabinets, geometric furniture, white and black tones, simple, simple and uncomplicated, make the interior space more translucent and stylish. How about such an interior design style? Does it collide with the luxury and classic living room crystal lamp to create extraordinary fireworks? Let Master Xiaolin lead everyone to enjoy it!

Mr. Gan and Mr. Gan are a family who have a strong interest in European culture and traditional history. They love to travel and always try their best to make time, even if they have to work hard, they must have a good tour of Europe. This trip is not easy. , It also deepened their love for the European-style castle architecture, and their hard work finally got their own nest. Of course, without a word, they will directly bring the favorite European cultural flavor into their home interior design!

I have traveled to the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark and other European countries. The blueprint of the new home has already been deeply embedded in Mr. Gan’s mind. Therefore, there have been countless discussions, presentations, and meetings with designers. , Simulation, drawing, the neo-classical interior home design drawings were finally born. Everything is so perfect and smooth. Mr. Gan and Mr. Gan are full of excitement and fighting spirit for the family every day, and they are equipped with a perfect home design. The crystal lamp is also Mr. Gan’s lifetime dream.

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But how to choose a perfect living room crystal lamp to match the indoor style is a relatively and must be cautious problem. The crystal lamp is like the sun of home design, not only shining warm sunlight to the home, but also the only one on the ceiling. Mr. Gan worked hard to do his homework, read countless Italian, European, American, and French crystal lamp brand designs. Although he loved it, the price was surprisingly high. This made Mr. Gan hesitate and stopped. But the problem always has to be solved, how to find a style similar to that of imported crystal lamps from foreign brands, and the price can be affordable, because most of the decoration has exhausted the budget, it is difficult to squeeze out the extra money, but it is unwilling to match the quality compromise.

Therefore, we found our Jingying crystal lamp. We had a preliminary consensus on the teacher’s needs and ideas. We quickly evaluated the cost and use of the crystal according to the style and size of the crystal lamp selected by the teacher. The teacher was very surprised that it was so. The crystal lamp for the living room she dreamed of could be made at the price of, she seemed a little hesitant, we also invited the teacher to visit the crystal lamp factory if it is convenient, and get a more detailed understanding.

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It was the first time that the teacher came to the Jingying crystal lamp factory. Obviously, the teacher was not used to it, or he was used to seeing the noble, high-end and luxurious lighting stores of European and American brands. It was really unaccustomed to suddenly come to the factory, but soon Impressed by our professionalism and technology, coupled with the honest and real price, the same use of Swarovski crystals, Egyptian Asfour crystals, the cost is so affordable, really great!

I hope everyone will like this case. We will also share the work and cases of the crystal lamp from time to time for your reference and appreciation. I hope everyone will like the crystal lamp made in Taiwan. I am Kobayashi, a dazzling, crystal-loving crystal lamp. I love the temperature of craftsmanship, I love writing, I love sharing, and I love the home-style crystal lamp master. If you feel good, please forward and link our case and share it with more people. If you have any questions about crystal lamps, you are also welcome Feel free to contact us for inquiries, we will definitely do our best to answer your questions and contribute a little bit of our experience and expertise. Thank you!




Author: I am a 『master Kobayashi』
Author: I am a 『master Kobayashi』

A crystal lamp lamp master with 15 years of qualifications, loves the dazzling of crystal, loves the temperature of craftsmanship, loves writing, loves sharing, and loves conversation. Making crystal lamps is work and enjoyment. I hope you will be immersed in the world of crystal together. Pure and simple.

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