Natural country style, dream product branch ice crystal chandelier

Natural country style, dream product branch ice crystal chandelier

The presentation of the natural countryside and the combination of artistic crystals, this is a perfect crystal lamp work. This case is really very interesting. The temperament, the gentle manner, the polite and elegant, is the first impression given by the owner. The owner loves nature and loves. Simple, simple and pure atmosphere, in the design of the home, white walls and ceilings, simple furnishings and matching, such as a touch of ocean, country-like turf flavor, and water droplets like ice crystals on the ceiling, this is a big The most original picture of nature.

Lighting is a home’s sun, shining every inch of the home’s space. A suitable lighting can bring a warm, peaceful and calm atmosphere to the entire space. Therefore, the importance of the light is very important. The owner is looking for a dream lamp I searched all kinds of lighting stores, hydropower shops, crystal light stores in Taiwan, and wandered among major brand lighting stores. I looked confused and overwhelmed. I didn’t like the style. It was too common. There was no characteristic, no characteristic, and not suitable. Home style.

The owner did not give up searching, and started searching online for the lighting of foreign European and American brands, hoping to find inspiration, and finally the emperor did not bear the painstaking efforts. During the search again, he caught a lamp that looked like a tree branch and fell from the tree branch. With crystals like frozen water droplets, the appearance is clear and simple, low-key and luxurious, very suitable for the home design of natural countryside, the owner loves it! Thinking about how to contact foreign manufacturers and import to Taiwan! The price was quickly quoted abroad, but the price of the lighting plus tariffs, freight, packaging, boxing, and deworming are high, and the delivery period of three months is required. This makes the owner hesitate for a long time. Although you can wait in time, The high price is prohibitive, but I really like it. I wonder if Taiwan can find similar ones?

The owner searched all over the so-called Taiwan lighting factory, hoping to make it, but they couldn’t. Even the lighting factory couldn’t make it. It seemed that there was really no way. Just when the disappointment was about to be shattered, the owner found our Jingying crystal lamp factory. With the last glimmer of hope, I provided photos of foreign lighting and the desired size, and I hope to assist in the production!

This is of course no problem. We have made similar branches of ice crystal lamps, but the crystals under him are not the same. There is no problem in making the skeleton. The bigger problem is the ice crystal underneath. Maybe Need special production, it will be more troublesome! The owner was very excited to hear that he was ecstatic, really? You can make it, it’s really great! It’s really great, what about the price?

Could you please quote us first? I want to know the production cost of this part first!

In fact, the most important thing in making such a branch ice crystal chandelier is that the branch must be manually beaten and welded. This part is quite labor-intensive and time-consuming. The ice crystal crystal also needs special production, so the price will be higher, but compared to foreign brands Quotation, Taiwanese production is still too cheap, it is really very affordable, but will it look like it? Would it be different? Although the owner is happy, he asked worriedly. You can rest assured that all our lighting fixtures are made in our own factory in Taiwan. They are not contracted out for others to make, so we can take pictures every step of the production. Let me show you, if there is something wrong or not, we can make changes and adjustments immediately, because this is a special style of lighting. We also hope that the owner can immediately understand the situation, discuss and understand the production Process, so you can rest assured!

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The owner is quite satisfied, so he can place an order without saying anything! I hope everyone will like this case. We will also share the work and cases of the crystal lamp from time to time for your reference and appreciation. I hope everyone will like the crystal lamp made in Taiwan. I am Kobayashi, a dazzling, crystal-loving crystal lamp. I love the temperature of craftsmanship, I love writing, I love sharing and I love home-style crystal lamp masters. If you feel good, please forward and link our case and share it with more people. If you have any questions about crystal lamps, you are also welcome Feel free to contact us for inquiries, we will definitely do our best to answer your questions and contribute our little experience and expertise. Thank you!




Author: I am a 『master Kobayashi』
Author: I am a 『master Kobayashi』

A crystal lamp lamp master with 15 years of qualifications, loves the dazzling of crystal, loves the temperature of craftsmanship, loves writing, loves sharing, and loves conversation. Making crystal lamps is work and enjoyment. I hope you will be immersed in the world of crystal together. Pure and simple.

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