The art of fusion of Swarovski and nature


In fact, for the masters of our crystal lamp factory, making interesting cases is often more interesting than negotiating a big business. In the past, the factory only tried to assist the OEM to make crystal lamps, day after day, although most of the orders are still It is a traditional order for lighting stores, but there are more opportunities to contact designers and owners through the Internet to discuss our preference for common and special crystal lamps. This is still very happy!

Using Swarovski colorful crystals to embellish the feeling of a forest of flowers, birds and insects, the skeleton is made into a birdcage, which symbolizes unwillingness to accept constraints.Climbing vines are full of stents, full of greenery, this is an unfettered artwork.

This kind of production idea is proposed by the owner. Although abstract, it communicates with the owner through simple hand drawings, outlines a simple appearance and structure, adds a little bit of ideas, improves, and discusses. Although it is hard, it is very fulfilling.

This method of production is not easy. How to make the icy metal freely bend like a climbing vine, the dense growth of grass blades, make gestures and then compare paintings, weld and then weld, carefully discern every detail, far and near. Look, in the chaotic thinking, look for the feeling closest to the owner’s idea.

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Author: I am a 『master Kobayashi』
Author: I am a 『master Kobayashi』

A crystal lamp lamp master with 15 years of qualifications, loves the dazzling of crystal, loves the temperature of craftsmanship, loves writing, loves sharing, and loves conversation. Making crystal lamps is work and enjoyment. I hope you will be immersed in the world of crystal together. Pure and simple.

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