Luxurious, elegant, majestic momentum and taste

Luxurious, elegant, and majestic crystal lamp, like the hot sun in the universe, dazzlingly twinkling, Mr. Zhang is a hardworking and hard-working substitute, and a pseudo-designer with a lot of ghost ideas, always colliding with his own designer. With the same spark, expecting a luxury crystal lamp castle is a coveted dream, and he always strives to realize it.

Luxury and elegance is a special design style that maximizes the European luxury elements, highlights the brilliance and dazzling characteristics, introverted but not understated, Roman columns, crystal lamps, artistic carvings, wood grain design, gold foil, mirror surface, European-style furniture just like In a European castle.

The crystal lamp in the living room and the majestic ceiling crystal lamp can avoid the oppression and pressure caused by the moving line. The colorful crystal makes the ceiling reflect the radial reflection, which is very beautiful.

The restaurant crystal lamp is matched with a luxurious crystal lampshade, and the candle crystal lamp is wrapped in a gorgeous dress. It is dazzling and becomes the most eye-catching star. This is a very special Italian design, noble and elegant.

Mr. Zhang is extremely satisfied with his design. This is a home, a safe haven, a small space for himself, an old castle for hard work, and a place to protect his wife and children from wind and rain!


Italian brand LOLLI e MEMMOLI classic crystal lighting, woven crystal lamp.

Although the Italian decoration brand LOLLI e MEMMOLI is a new brand, its influence on lighting is the use of lighting. The designer Lolli Memmoli is very good at making lighting with special materials and production methods to make her shape more clothing. Artistic beauty, among many, we can see many design ingenuities and come up with our styling design. In recent years, LOLLI eMEMMOLI has also incorporated the design into the foot crystal lamp, using the sweater knitting method to knit the crystal crystal in Together, create a more unique crystal design, which makes people’s eyes bright.


Natural country style, dream product branch ice crystal chandelier

The presentation of the natural countryside and the combination of artistic crystals, this is a perfect crystal lamp work. This case is really very interesting. The temperament, the gentle manner, the polite and elegant, is the first impression given by the owner. The owner loves nature and loves. Simple, simple and pure atmosphere, in the design of the home, white walls and ceilings, simple furnishings and matching, such as a touch of ocean, country-like turf flavor, and water droplets like ice crystals on the ceiling, this is a big The most original picture of nature.


Simple modern neo-classical interior design, perfectly presenting the crystal lamp in the living room!

Simple, modern, and pure white are the core styles of neo-classical interior design. Hidden storage cabinets, geometric furniture, white and black tones, simple, simple and uncomplicated, make the interior space more translucent and stylish. How about such an interior design style? Does it collide with the luxury and classic living room crystal lamp to create extraordinary fireworks? Let Master Xiaolin lead everyone to enjoy it!




Author: I am a 『master Kobayashi』
Author: I am a 『master Kobayashi』

A crystal lamp lamp master with 15 years of qualifications, loves the dazzling of crystal, loves the temperature of craftsmanship, loves writing, loves sharing, and loves conversation. Making crystal lamps is work and enjoyment. I hope you will be immersed in the world of crystal together. Pure and simple.

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